2022 Prayer Points For Peace. Thank You Lord for Your Heavenly peace which is supplied to us in this season. Father, we ask for peace for all your elects around the world. No matter how big the storm the are going through, comfort them with your peace, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. Father we declare peace over families and homes that have. Lent Prayers . Above all, Lent is a season of prayer . Deepening our relationship with God during Lent gives meaning to our fasting and strengthens our call to almsgiving. This Lenten season, allow Hallow to help you draw closer to God with our Pray40 series and other resources to help you find peace . Lent FAQ. 2022. 6. 5. · April 24, 2022 . O Lord, the Giver of Peace, please hear our prayers for all those who have died today due to the wars in Ukraine and other war-torn countries throughout the world. Make your presence known to the Russian forces who continue to attack Mariupol, reminding them of the retributions,.

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